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Learn from local scholarships coordinator, Malaina Mote, from the SW Florida Community Foundation in the in’s and out’s of applying and earning scholarships. In 2018, the local SW Florida Community Foundation gave over $750,000 to local students- this is a vital resource for families.

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bright futures

Learn how one student’s easy mistake cost her over $32,000 in Bright Futures scholarships. Every parent and student should watch this!


Do you aspire to attend top tier universities, and earn full-ride scholarships? Find out how Denise Ruiz, a Questbridge Scholarship winner, earned her spot at the University of Chicago!

Find your college fit

Hear from Joseph Madigan, Senior Associate Director of Admissions at Florida Southern College, on factors every parent and student should focus on in determining their college fit.

Transfer college credits

Whether you are in a Dual Enrollment, Advanced Placement, International Baccalaureate, or Cambridge AICE program, learn from college admissions representative, Joseph Madigan, on how your credits transfer to a post-secondary institutions.

Misconceptions in College Admissions

Scott Daigle, from Premier College Advisors, discusses the top 5 misconceptions parents and students have about the college process for Florida students.