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The Resource Directory Membership connects businesses and organizations that have a part in teen academic and personal success. By being a part of the UnMazed Resource Directory, you are directly impacting and contributing to community organizations that are providing hands-on workshops and resources to prepare a better future workforce population.



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UnMazed Directory Resource Member (Collective Impact)

UnMazed Resource Member- Our goal is to create easily accessible resources for all Florida families, both locally and statewide. The UnMazed Resource Database wants to showcase your business/ organization. An annual membership to the UnMazed Resource Directory Members is only $99, Your official membership will showcase a special advertisement (of your design) or flier, video, and specialized profile.

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UnMazed Premium Resource Member

By becoming an UnMazed Premium Resource Member you will benefit from additional ad space in the popular UnMazed Magazine. With limited space availability, your advertising is guaranteed to reach over 21,000 teens and parents a month until January 30th, 2020. You provide the advertisement of your choice. Advertisement will be reused until a new submission is given

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