Our mission is: To provide individuals or families with current, quality resources and strategies for high school to college success.

UnMazed began as a part of the doctoral work of the founder, Amanda Sterk. While working as a full time college and career counselor, Amanda looked for a "one stop shop" to which she could point students and parents who had questions about the high school to college process; such as academic skills, social and emotional support, college and career exploration, and overall student success. Dr. Sterk's mission is twofold; 1) to help parents and students navigate the transition from high school to college with ease and 2) collaborate with educational experts to provide current, quality, relevant information to those who need it. UnMazed exists to create a comprehensive, user-friendly destination for anyone looking for guidance through the high school to college process.


UnMazed partners with both professionals and participants in the fields of education and career pathways, bringing a wealth of expertise and a freshness of experience to its community pages so that a great many voices and perspectives can provide us all a richer understanding of the challenges facing high school students, parents, and professionals today.


Amanda is the Director of Accelerated  Programs at Florida Southwestern State College, where she works with students, parents, school counselors, and school districts to understand and participate in accelerated learning programs in SW Florida. She is currently an adjunct professor for the SLS 1515 course, that transitions students into a college environment. After 17 years in education, she brings her passion for helping individuals realize their full potential through strategic planning and reflective growth. Her responsibilities include content creation, presentation, and collaborator relations.


FutureMakers Coalition Guiding Team

Florida Alliance of Dual Enrollment Partnerships- President Elect

Florida School Counselor Association, College & Career Readiness Committee

Southern Association of College Admission Counseling, Blogger

SW Florida Parent & Child Magazine- Expert Spotlight

C'reer App, National Advisory Board

Building College Readiness: Growth Before Grades State Conference

College Preparedness and Transformational Teaching Strategies: A Case Study of Success for Early Colleges- Dissertation Study

High School Students with College Degrees: Barriers, Implications, and the Way Forward- Current Study in Collaboration with Florida Atlantic University


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SW Florida Parent & Child

South Association for College Admission Counseling

Dr. Amanda Sterk, Founder & Director, College and Career Counselor

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