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STEM Summer Program for High School Girls @ FGCU

Title: Assessing Environmental Change in Southwest Florida

Research Advisor: Dr. Joanne Muller, Associate Professor of Paleoclimatology, FGCU and Dr. Molly Nation, Assistant Professor of Environmental Education, FGCU.

Dates: June 19 through July 2, 2018 8:30AM-2:30PM

What to expect: The participating girls will learn content on issues of water quality in Southwest Florida and climate change. Drs. Muller and Nation will mentor students in the latest climate change research and how it is related to south Florida. The participating girls will get an opportunity to do scientific field work. They will be taken out on a boat and mentored in field methodologies. They will collect all of their own samples that they will bring back to the laboratory. The participating girls will engage in authentic scientific research at FGCU. They will be mentored in laboratory practices and they will use state-of-the-art laboratory instruments in their analyses. The participating girls will gain invaluable skill in collecting, interpreting, and presenting data to the community.


Return this two-page application with your essay (info below) via mail or email by May 15th to Dr. Muller, jmuller@fgcu.edu. Please do NOT send google docs.

Joanne Muller

Associate Professor 

Department of Marine and Ecological Sciences

Florida Gulf Coast University

Phone number: 239-590-1251

Address: Seidler Hall, room 435

10501 FGCU Blvd. South

Fort Myers, FL 33965



ESSAY INFORMATION (Include the essay on a separate sheet of paper)

Please provide up to 300 words indicating why you are interested in this area of research and your qualifications. Within this essay please include your career goals and how you envision this experience as one that can help you in your academic endeavors. In addition, please include the skills you hope to learn during these 2 weeks. Please use academic and scientific language as you write your response.



Information Form (please print or type)

Name________________________________                      Current Grade Level _____________________

Email contact: __________________________________________  Current GPA___________________

High School Attending: _________________________________  County: ________________________

Have you decided if you will attend college? Y/N

If yes have you decided where you might attend college? _____________________________________            

Anticipated degree area and career _______________________________________________________

Transportation will be provided from pick-up and drop-off points in Lee and Collier County. If you need transportation, can you be at one of the following locations early in the morning and be returned to the same location? If so circle which one (pick-up and drop off is not guaranteed from all of these locations at this point in time. We are gathering data and will make decisions on these locations depending on student needs).

·         Collier County Public School District Office

·         School District of Lee County

·         The Shell Factory and Nature Park

·         Immokalee Foundation


References:  Please provide the name of one of your science teachers and a second reference whom we might contact.

Name of Science Teacher:  ________________________ 

Courses you have taken with the science teacher: ________________________

Contact email and phone # for science teacher: ______________________________________________

Name of Second Reference:  ___________________________________________

Significance of second reference: _______________________________________________________

Contact email and phone # for second reference: __________________________________________________________


One of the goals of this program is to provide opportunity to girls with socio-economic need. Please answer the following:

Persons in Household ________________

Family Income  <$25,000, $25,000-40,000, 40,000-60,000, >60,000


Contingent on your acceptance, you and your collaborators will be invited to present your research at FGCU’s STEM Undergraduate research and internship symposium organized through the Whitaker Center for STEM Education to be held the afternoon of Dec. 6, 2019.  At this symposium, you will display and discuss the work that you accomplished as a poster with FGCU students and faculty. Your poster will be printed at no cost to you.

I understand that by applying to this research opportunity I will be obligated to complete the research hours and participate in the FGCU Research Symposium. I also understand that I must to adhere to all FGCU rules and regulations while on their campus and that I will be reporting directly to Dr. Muller, her research students, or teacher researchers attending the program. Any rule violation may be cause for immediate dismissal from the program.

Signature: ____________________________________     Date:___________________________

Parent Signature: _______________________________

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