"Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much." Helen Keller

To support you developing and presenting quality lessons and activities, College UnMazed shares their curriculum guides with you to help you streamline your college and career readiness programs. Having high quality, modern, teen focused printables, infographics, and workpages will help you on what you want to do most: help students.

The curriculum guides and printables are structured around American School Counselor Association standards that seek to help students:

  1. Improve Academic Self-Concept (A:A1)

  2. Acquire Skills for Improving Learning (A:A2)

  3. Achieve School Success (A:A3)

  4. Improve Learning (A:B1)

  5. Plan to Achieve Goals (A:B2)

  6. Related School to Life Experiences (A:C1)

  7. Develop Career Awareness (C:A1)

  8. Develop Employment Readiness (C:A2)

  9. Acquire Career Information (C:B1)

  10. Identify Career Goals (C:B2)

  11. Acquire Knowledge to Achieve Career Goals (C:C1)

  12. Apply Skills to Achieve Career Goals (C:C2)

  13. Acquire Self-knowledge (PS: A1)

  14. Acquire Interpersonal Skills (PS:A2)

  15. Self-knowledge Application (PS:B1)

  16. Acquire Personal Safety Skills (PS:C1)

Consider using theseTeaching Curriculum & Printable Materials for any of these purposes:

  • Small groups in diverse settings, such as a classroom or workshop setting as a presentation.

  • In the classroom to infuse college and career readiness activities into daily lesson plans and activities.

  • As a central text or supporting resources for a college and career readiness course for summer school, after-school, educational programs, or tutoring based programs.

sample infographics and curriculum