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College UnMazed Magazine

Teen’s Guide to Acceleration (downloadable pdf)

Teen’s Guide to Testing (downloadable pdf)

Teen’s Guide to Summer Programs (downloadable pdf)

Teen’s Guide to Finding the Right College (downloadable pdf)

Teen’s Guide to College Admissions for Florida students (downloadable pdf)

Teen’s Guide to Back-to-School (downloadable pdf)

Teen’s Guide Scholarships & Financial Aid (downloadable pdf)

Teen’s Guide to Mental Health (downloadable pdf)

Teen’s Guide to the New Year (downloadable pdf)

"Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much." Helen Keller


Your Guide to College Scholarships- link for counselors

Your Guide to College Scholarships- link for parents

College Visit ScoreCard- a downloadable resource to help families when they do college visits

 10 Tips for Successful College Planning

Bridging the Gap Through Mentorship

Education Our Way: How the #1 Public High School Does Things Differently

Local College Access Networks: An Underutilized Resource



Raise.Me (Florida Micro-Scholarships)

3 Ways Student Are Not Prepared for College Admissions Process

12 Reasons Why To Attend a Florida State College

College Admissions: Importance of Student Factors

College Application Process

Career Pathways

5 Cool College Apps

Florida State Colleges: Your Path to College

College Admissions: After You Hit Submit

How to Dual Enroll

Dual Enrollment: Shaping Today's High School Experience

MOOCs- A teen’s guide to the Massive Online Open Course Movement

ACT & SAT Averages at SUS Schools

Your Steps to the SSAR

New Year’s Resolutions for Teens

Do’s and Don’ts of the College Essay

Pathways to Your College & Career Future (FLDOE)

Florida Test Scores for Dual Enrollment

4 Ways to Utilize Your School Counselor

4 Great Steps to a Great Recommendation


Sum of the Parts is Greater than the Whole

Strength in Partnership: UnMaze.Me & FutureMakers

College Myths: Barriers to Higher Education

4 Ways to Utilize your School Counselor

Redefining College Readiness: Part I

Redefining College Readiness: Part II

Florida Legislation Affecting College Bound Students

Make Summers Count in SW Florida

You to Career to College in 5 Minutes

Online Scholarships- A Resource Guide