UnMazed is built as a community of professionals who believe in the power of students today. All collaborators have their own story how they help students, some are teachers, school counselors, academic tutors, business owners, entrepreneurs, students, or parents. We are proud of our UnMazed collaborators who take the time to create, write, and engage with those around them. 

Are you looking to be a part of this amazing group of educational and business leaders?

We are continually looking for new content from those share our mission 

"to provide individuals or families with current, quality resources and strategies for high school to college success".

We are continually looking for both "themed" material, but also articles on a wide-range of expertise including, parenting, student health, student voice, educational topics,  current events, and others. 

Our monthly UnMazed themes are:

July- Teen’s Guide to Personal Awareness and Identity; growth mindset, career exploration, self-esteem, etc.

August- Teen’s Guide to College Admissions; applications, essay writing, letters of recommendation, etc.

September- Teen’s Guide to Academic Success; time management, study skills, classroom skills, etc.

October- Teen’s Guide to Paying for College; scholarships, financial aid, college prep courses (AP, IB, AICE, DE), etc.

November- Teen’s Guide to Relationships; parents, significant others, friendships, bullying, gossip, etc.

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