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Denied: How to Handle the Rejection Letter

Life is full of serendipity.  Just talk to any successful person, and you’ll hear stories of it from virtually every one of them.  Many of the students who were denied admission to Hard-To-Get-Into-University found their experiences at their eventual choice could not have been matched by HTGIU.  They found lives, they found friends, they found dreams, and yes, they even found jobs after completing degrees at their own schools. 

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So You Want to Dual Enroll?

Dual Enrollment is one of several acceleration mechanisms specifically authorized by the Florida Legislature (Section 1007.27, Florida Statutes). The Dual Enrollment program allows a student to take postsecondary courses simultaneously earning high school credit needed for graduation while completing college course requirements for completion of a career certificate, an associate degree or baccalaureate degree while still in high school. 

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College Series: ACT & SAT 102 - Getting Them For Free!

The college application process as a whole can seriously break the bank!  Fortunately, for families who need assistance there is help. Both ACT and SAT offer 2 free waivers to students who qualify. The SAT (College Board) also allows you 4 free application fee waivers!

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