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Tips to Excel with Test Anxiety

Spring is the time students start looking towards taking their end of course exams or college entrance exams that often have great impact on high school graduation or college admissions. In the state of Florida, our students have been taking these "high stakes" test since elementary, and for many students they bring a sense of dread, confusion, and downright fear.

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How to Create Student Academic Independence and Stay Connected!

In high school, new grading systems and amount of work can quickly become overwhelming for many students. Unfortunately, by the time parents realize there is a serious issue, grades become almost unrecoverable and the student is left feeling defeated and unmotivated.So whether your student is in middle school to their senior (even college!) year, there are simple yet highly effective ways to instill academic independence but stay connected.

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College Terminology 5: On Campus Terms

As I start writing more blogs for your information, I realize that some of the terminology might be a bit foreign to you. If you have ever done a college visit, your head begins to spin with what they are saying. I have compiled a great list of college terminology that will help you through the entire process, whether you are thinking of the a 2- or 4-year school.

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