UnMazed Magazine: Teen's Guide to Academic Success

UnMazed Magazine is an online teen and parent magazine that is written in collaboration with over 45 educational experts throughout the state of Florida and nationally. All contributors are dedicated to student success through the high school to college process for our Florida students.

This month’s edition focuses on A Teen’s Guide to Academic Success! Topics range from study tips and organization, academic and student factors for college admissions, global awareness and fake news, to self-discovery.

Authors include:

Dr. Juniace Etienne- Author of Shaping Young Minds, My Auntie is Awesome, educator, and college professor

Christopher Tucker, FSW Collegiate teacher and college professor

Nancy Frede- academic coach and educational consultant of Find Your Future

Stephen Keck- Florida Gulf Coast University graduate student

Dr. Amanda Sterk- Author of College UnMazed: Your Guide to the Florida College & University System