Books You Need: School Counselor Side Hustle

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I was excited to receive my copy of School Counselor Side Hustle: How School Counselors and Educators can Monetize their Time and Talents Beyond the Classroom written by Dr. Russ Sabella and Stephanie Lerner this past month. What made it a more exciting read is that I was able to hear Dr. Sabella discuss this book and his reasoning on why Stephanie and he wrote the book- to give a voice to what so many of educators/ counselors/ administrators do already- the side hustle.

Educators are a perfect example of the side hustle. We have the passion to help others, the skills to think outside of the box, and the drive to create something meaningful for others. While the book showcase not just “educational” side hustles, it provides a wide array of examples of what edupreneurs’ passions can make into a thriving business.

As you all know if you are reading this, UnMaze.Me is my side hustle. While not my intention at the beginning, it started as a way for me to provide information to my students and their parents through a question and answer blog. I never intended to write a book, create a magazine, and have online classes. My vision was and still is- to provide quality information to families and educators when they need it. As an educator, I was just frustrated there were no materials out there for my Florida student population- and I assumed if I put the pieces together that my families and other educators would find it helpful. I realize for the amount of time and energy I put into making these resources, sharing on social media, connecting and collaborating with others- it does not really pay the bills- but it definitely feeds my soul.

I definitely enjoyed this book and learned some new ways to connect even further. It also helped me normalize and accept what I love to do as an "edupreneur". I highly recommend this book to any school counselor, educator, or administrator out there. It should be in your library of resources!

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Enjoying my book School Counselor Side Hustle on a trip from SW Florida to Des Moines! Perfect companion on my trip.

According to the books description on, the School Counselor Side Hustle spotlights several school counselors and educators who are already doing it. Their stories will help inspire you and give you insights into how side hustling is done. Our side hustle spotlights share the valuable lessons they have learned and then give us sage advice. School Counselor Side Hustle covers seven main areas which include:

•Creating Resources

•Authoring a Book

•Public Speaking

•Developing Tools

•Selling Merchandise

•Adjunct Teaching

•Private Practice Counseling

You’ll also learn about many other side hustles and side jobs that school counselors are currently engaging in that go beyond our “Big Seven.” And, we cover the “nuts and bolts” of side hustle development from beginning to end in a practical way. From setting up your company to promoting your product or service, this book gives you the detailed information you need to start a side hustle or get your existing one to the next level.