Homeschool Hybrid- Having Your Cake and Eating It Too

Many families today are looking for educational flexibility when it comes to their student’s learning for a variety of reasons. While many are interested in homeschooling their students, they can quickly become intimidated by certain subject topics, keeping their child busy, or ensuring they have the college-readiness skills to be successful in their post-secondary endeavors.

Many parents are finding the hybrid homeschool model an ideal fit for their family.  One such school, Crosspointe Academy in Fort Myers, Florida, has offered this unique educational program to their community for several years. “After several years of struggling in school, we found the school that he fit in and felt comfortable at. He has flourished in all aspects of his development. The hybrid school model and small school environment is perfect for him,” reviewed Mrs. Miles, a current Crosspointe family member.  

Mike McShane, education contributor to, believes hybrid homeschools are becoming the wave of the future. “Hybrid homeschools are particularly interesting for two reasons. First, they blur the lines around what we consider a “school.” According to one of Crosspointe middle schooler “I don’t go to school, I homeschool with my friends.” With the proliferation of new technologies and resources, it is much easier for families to get high-quality materials and instruction for their children in a wide range of subjects. It is also easier for families to network with each other and find opportunities to collaborate," McShane reported in his May 21, 2018 Forbes article. 

In keeping with the highest of educational standards, Crosspointe is registered with the Florida Department of Education and accredited through the Florida Christian Coalition of Private Schools Association. Their volunteer board of directors, a group of dedicated visionaries comprised of business professionals, parents, school administrators and a church pastor, provides guidance and assistance to ensure the institution delivers an affordable, private, Christian school education in a structured, caring, classroom environment for all students.  Mrs. Coe, Founder and Crosspointe Principal has a heart to shepherd each child.  “I want to meet a child where they are educationally and prepare each student for what God intends for them.”

“Future plans include partnerships with the community of southwest Florida to bring programs that will further benefit the families,” indicates Mrs. Keisha Wright, High School Administrator at Crosspointe Academy. “Programs such as fine arts through Creative Theater Workshop, vocational/technical, an online academy option, and scholarships for those who may need assistance will enhance our educational model and provide more opportunities for quality education with excellence and Godly character for all children.”

To schedule an appointment or tour of the school, call (239) 225-1502.  Crosspointe Academy is located at Relevance Community Church, 13241 Griffin Drive, Fort Myers, FL 33913.



By Keisha Wright, is the principal at Crosspointe Academy and is passionate about student's educational journeys. She seeks to enrich the lives of the students and parents she serves every day.

Crosspointe Academy is a private, non-denominational, Christian, collegiate high school combined with a hybrid homeschool model.  Offering a three or four day a week option or just one or two classes, families can enjoy a traditional school atmosphere with the individualization and flexibility of homeschool. The school is located in Gateway at Relevance Community Church.

Crosspointe’s educational institution is designed to provide academic education for high school students interested in pursuing college-level study. Small class sizes offer individualized instruction from godly teachers who utilize a variety of methods to meet the intellectual needs of each student.  The school partners with parents to provide a unique educational plan to benefit and enhance the education of each students. By offering curriculum compilation, lesson plans, record keeping, high school and college advising, dual enrollment navigation, and accountability, Crosspointe’s hybrid homeschool creates a partnership and win-win experience for families and students.