Developing Character Through Activities


As a mom of four, entrepreneur, and wife to the president of a youth organization, Osceola Panthers, I help oversee some 250 football and cheerleaders ages 4-14. For the last 16 years, our Osceola Panthers has impacted many families in the community with our programs, and I feel privileged to be on the journey with the families we serve.  Our goal is to keep kids off the streets and afford them a place to go and belong. 

I know It is no easy task to get the kids to and from practice. I totally get the day-to-day task of parents especially single-parent homes, when it comes to playing the role of football mom, soccer mom, or all-around carpooling mom or dad.  However difficult it may be, extracurricular activities are truly essential to a child’s growth.  While some parents consider it a privilege, and they take their kids out of the activity as soon as they start having behavior problem; I consider it a need.  Programs like this could be a kid’s only outlet out of a bad situation. 

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Extracurricular activities bring out characteristics in our kids that sometimes as parents we don’t even realize they have. It becomes more than just another fun hobby, but these activities build their character in so many ways. As they enter in to young adult years, these will be some of the most crucial years of their lives as the peer pressure starts and their bodies start to change. They need a haven to keep them in a positive state of mind. This is the best time for them to get involved in something that really interests them. There are so many valuable life lessons these activities teach them, like; prioritizing and managing their time, building confidence and self-esteem, collaborating and working together, and contributing to the community outside of academics.

Another added benefit is that these activities look great on college applications. It lets the institutions know how involved they have been, and that the students are hardworking and dedicated to their goals. With hard work and the right type of coaching, students reach their desired goals and continue to push themselves as an individual and as a team. Learning to be able to work as a team is a great skill to learn that prepares them for the real world when it becomes essential that they work well with others.

Studies had shown that there is a strong connection between extracurricular activities with good grades, positive behaviors, and strengthened work habits. Being involved improves a child’s whole outlook on life.  It gives them the sense of competitiveness for higher education opportunities, keeps them active, and promotes good health. It is our job as parents to be able to identify our child’s strengths and weaknesses and help them to live fulfilling lives. With all the benefits of extracurricular activities, summer is a great time to fit the right fit your child. I would encourage all parents to reconsider helping your child to be the best version of themselves by getting them involved today.

A wife, a mother of 4 beautiful kids biologically and 1 amazing young man we took on as our own. Tamika wears many hats as I am by profession a esthetician, tax professional, active minister, and entrepreneur. I love everything Jesus, flowers, HGTV, the beach, and the colors purple and turquoise. Tamika's passion resides in her family's sports programming for children and educating others on  credit, investing, life insurance, living wills, trusts, POA, establish a emergency fund, and to be ready for those "rainy days".

Tamika Shine

Tamika Shine