Jobs that Work in Florida

Jobs that Work for Florida

When students enter into the workforce, either after high school, college, or a career/technical program, what we all want is for that student to have a good paying job. We have heard too many stories of students earning a college degree to find there are simply no jobs available.


One of the issues facing students is the do NOT start with the END in mind. Often students use this process of thinking in determining post-secondary needs:

1. Which college do I like

2. Choose a major

3. Take required classes and major specific classes

4. Realize I am do no like XYZ major, change majors

5. Look for a job after graduation


What the process should look like instead:

1. What job would I like and how do I get it?

2. Find college or program that meets those needs so I get the job I want.

3. Choose college.

4. Receive dream matched job because I was informed.


This local workforce study shows where employees are needed now.

Top 10 Vocational Growth Opportunities

Occupation                                                                                           Median Wage

Cooks, Restaurant                                                                                         $12.37

Customer Service Representatives                                                                $14.60

First-Line Supervisors of Retail Sales                                                            $20.52

Secretaries and Administrative Assistants                                                     $15.13

Nursing Assistants                                                                                         $12.70

Maintenance and Repair Workers                                                                $17.16

First-Line Supervisors of Food Preparation & Serving Workers                  $16.33

Carpenters                                                                                                    $17.81

Painters, Construction & Maintenance                                                        $14.58

Licensed Practical & Licensed Vocational Workers                                      $21.13 


Top 10 Some College Growth Opportunities


Occupation                                                                                             Median Wage

Registered Nurses                                                                                         $30.08

General & Operations Managers                                                                 $47.62

First-Line Supervisors of Office & Administrative Support Workers           $23.64

First-Line Supervisors of Construction Trades & Extraction Workers         $27.48

Business Operations Specialists                                                                     $30.54

Construction Managers                                                                                 $36.47

Property, Real Estate & Community Association Managers                         $28.40

Bookkeeping, Accounting, & Auditing Clerks                                                $17.25

Cost Estimators                                                                                              $26.13

Recreation Workers                                                                                        $11.99


Top 10 Bachelor's or Higher Growth Occupations

Occupation                                                                                              Median Wage

Accountants & Auditors                                                                                     $29.42

Elementary School Teachers (Except Special Education)                                  $29.19

Secondary School Teachers (Except Special & Career/Technical Education)    $30.63

Management Analysts                                                                                         $35.22

Middle School Teachers (Except Special & Career/Technical Education)          $29.24

Lawyers                                                                                                               $38.15

Personal Financial Advisors                                                                                $45.43

Physical Therapists                                                                                             $41.24

Child, Family & School Social Workers                                                              $18.12

Civil Engineers                                                                                                    $39.28


Why is this study important for student and parents today? Knowing where there are current job opportunities in Florida and locally allows students to select a variety of educational paths (high school degree, some college, or bachelors degree or higher) to meet their career and financial goals. 

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