Memory Makers- Creative Ways to Connect with your Teen Today

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By Melissa Beck, Alice's Table

Social Media and electronic devices have a lot in common with your teen, they monopolize their attention. When a parent is looking for those last moments to spend time with the child heading off to college, how do we find a way to compete with those shiny gadgets and instant message posts?

Here are 4 ways to engage and connect with your teen before the “off to college” road

1. Think about designing their dorm room. Yes, we can use the local stores to purchase the
necessities for their college abode, but use this as an opportunity to shop in another city.. or
another state. Roadtrips are often a designated chance to chat with your teen about fears,
excitement or just random conversations.

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2. Volunteer together. There are a multitude of charities inn Southwest Florida that often
receive the greatest attention during the holiday season, but lack volunteers to provide help
during the spring and summer months. Giving back to the community is a great way to share a love of serving and spend an opportunity inspiring your teen to continue to volunteer
in college.

3. Make a memory, attend an artistic class together. Mother’s Day is approaching soon.
Teaching your teenager the lost art of flower arranging, a skill that uses the calming sense of
smell, touch and their creative eye can be a great way to spend a couple of hours. Alice’s Table
Southwest Florida has classes in Ft Myers, Cape Coral and Bonita Springs that are held in
various venues where you can go home with not only a gorgeous arrangement but a fun
Mother’s Day memory as well! for event tickets for Mother’s Day weekend
now available.

4. If you can’t beat social media- join them! The high school to college transition is a great way
to work with your teenage to “clean up” their social media accounts. Maybe the photo from
middle school needs to be archived, work with them to create an different, more mature image
or social media design. Remind them that employers and colleges will sometimes review social
media accounts in selection processes.

Happy Spring Parents!


Meet the Author: Melissa Beck, Living the Beach life in Florida has always made this outgoing girl happy. A mom of two boys, wife and full time RN at a trauma hospital, Melissa also found that playing with flowers was relaxing and joyful. She then decided to share that same joy with others and became an Alice's Table Event Exec. She loves to write about connecting with others through creativity and entrepreneurship.