College Spotlight: Florida Southern College

Description: Florida Southern College is a private college located in Lakeland, Florida that is one of the top 5 colleges in Florida. Founded in 1883, it has around 2,400 students, and boasts one of the largest collections of Frank Lloyd Wright's architecture- labeling it "one of the most beautiful colleges in America" 

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Unique Attributes: Besides the beautiful campus next to Lake Hollingsworth, Florida Southern College make three significant promises to its students.

1. Guarantee to graduate in 4 years

2. Guarantee of an incredible internship opportunities

3. Guarantee of a study abroad opportunity

Why students should consider Florida Southern College

1. Your admission representative cares about you. They give unprecedented service to students looking at their college. Not only will they sit down one-on-one with prospective parents, but they also thoroughly explain your scholarship and financial aid packages. Instead of being passed from office to office, your phones calls are answered.

2. Caliber of Students- The holistic review of college applications allows for a variety of students to be admitted. They are looking for students who are dedicated to the campus community and motivated to work hard. The small classroom environment (14:1 student to faculty ratio) and 81% retention rate, shows FSC supports their students in and out of the classroom.

3. Free application! You can apply using their own institutional application or the Common Application. Keeping it free allows for students to find more out about the college and engage with its staff. Hint- if you are doing any other Common Application school, I suggest you apply here! 

4. Financial Aid & Scholarships- Florida Southern College gives substantial scholarships and financial aid to students, making it reasonable for many students. Many award letters beat the state university packages

Top Majors: Business Administration, Nursing, Biology & Education

Application Type: Institutional or Common Application, Selective

Student Type: GPA 3.4-4.0, ACT 24-29, SAT 1110-1290

Financial Aid: Average package is $27,486

Why I recommend it: Besides the campus being absolutely beautiful, it is one that makes students feel safe and at "home". My interactions with the college have been exceptional- they return phone calls, answer questions, and genuinely care about families. FSC lives by their guarantees, and students are immediately integrated into the school community by their activities, internships, and study abroad opportunities. It is often an overlooked college by Florida students, but their dedication to academics and location make it an excellent choice for students.


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