A Guide to Florida College Applications

As you begin the college application process, there are several key things you should know. Use this guide to help you navigate through the various applications you will find.

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1. Institutional Applications- Institutional Applications are institutional specific, meaning the university uses their own application. Unfortunately, these can vary greatly from a quick 5 minute application to rather lengthy documents.

2. Common Application- Common App links to over 700 colleges throughout Florida and the United States. If several of your potential colleges use it,  it makes it easy and efficient by preparing one application for multiple universities. With most Common App schools there is an essay, and you have 1 of the 7 essay prompts you can do. Schools who use Common Application are traditionally "selective admissions".  They often require teacher and counselor recommendation letters.

3. Coalition Application- The Coalition Application is similar to the Common App, where 113 schools use the same application. There are 5 essay prompts to chose from, and detailed information required about your course work, extra-curricular activities, and personal information.

Florida University College Application Cheat Sheet!!

Directly from my College UnMazed: Your Guide Through The Florida College & University System Workbook!

How to Prepare for College Applications

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1. Build a resume!! The best key is to create a resume before you even start the process. Write down all your high school information, such as school, address, phone numbers, extra-curricular activities, community service, and awards/ honors. I highly suggest you take the Building a College Resume course for a step-by-step guide.

2. Store all passwords & user id codes! Often college admissions write to you here about admission decisions, financial aid, scholarships, and, hopefully, orientation and housing. So it is very important to keep a chart with all passwords and user id codes they give you. Often, I help students with accounts, and because it is stored on their computer they can't get in! Write them down in a college notebook.

3. Track Types of Application, Sent Documents & Deadlines- As you begin the process, ensure you keep track of what you have completed and sent. This includes teacher and counselor recommendations, transcripts, ACT/ SAT scores, application status, and so forth.

Here is a page directly from College UnMazed: Your Guide to the Florida College & University Workbook to help you with the process!

College Application Tracking Chart

Need further guidance- Then this course is for you! A step-by-step course on applying to Florida universities. Why try to figure it out on your own?!? Let an expert, who has guided hundreds of students and netted students over $10 million in scholarships, help you!

Applying for Florida Colleges and Universities.