You to Career to College in 5 Minutes

Do you have 5 minutes to find your perfect career and college to get you there? A new, free app called C’reer was recently released in order for students across the country to begin to answer the age old question, “What do I want to be when I grow up?”. While your five year old self wanted to be a princess or superhero, the older, more mature teenager in you realizes that is not very realistic.

How does one decide who they want to be? For every adult you ask, you will receive a different answer. We all have ended up where we are today because of a variety of experiences throughout our lives that have shaped our perspectives and attitudes towards our careers. However, if you get to the root of why people are in a specific career and enjoy it, you will find that each career matches what their personalities are. For example, there are people who enjoy speaking to crowds,  working outdoors, teaching children, helping others, building things, managing and leading projects, being creative,  solving complex problems, and so forth. These likes and dislikes come from your personality, the thing that makes you uniquely you.

The C’reer app is a free downloadable app that walks you through an easy 5 minute short questionnaire to find your key personality attributes. Based on an immense amount of data and research, the app then matches you with potential careers your personality would be good at. Then, the app seamlessly connects you with universities and colleges that can help you achieve your dream career.  Not only that, but one click of the chat button starts a conversation with that school’s admissions team. It’s that easy!

So the next time someone asks you, “What do you want to be when you grow up?”, proudly smile and let them know you thoroughly researched it and have it all figured out using the C'reer app.

*No surprise- my results were Social, Enterprising & Investigative. My career choices were education, school counselor, director, and tour guide!

The website is, that contains a blog and additional app information.