How to Begin the Scholarship Process

I have had many students recently start asking about scholarships and how to begin applying for the many different types of scholarships out there. There is money to be had- the issue is finding the time and will to go through the process. Often both parents and students become very frustrated with the process as it is easy to spend hours and hours with nothing to show. 

If this sounds like you, I highly suggest you consider taking my course on Scholarships Step-by-Step! Click on the button below and this will walk you through the whole process. After helping my current students earn close to $37 million in varying scholarships, this information is guaranteed to be tried-and-true!

The course seeks to:

First explaining how to talk about your student's college financial needs.

Second an explanation of the many different types of scholarships out there along with links to many tried-and-true sites.

Third, how to make a plan and put into action what is needed to be successful in the scholarship process.