College Series: Social Media & Resume Building

I can see the students rolling their eyes now! Parents, I am saying this so you don’t have to! Just point and let them read below.

IMAGE CREDIT:  appanna


Social Media can make or break admissions. More admissions counselors are checking your accounts and connecting with you through a variety of platforms. I had a student lose a full-ride scholarship because of some posts she made. It happens. If you think ahead about what you post, it could be a real determining factor in your application and admissions to college!

To say it well, a recent article in Time, discussed this very thing: Lots More College Admissions Officers Are Checking Your Instagram and Facebook. It’s a short but important read.

I couldn’t have said it much better, except to reiterate that your image is out there on social media and hopefully it positively reflects your personality. Be sure that whatever you are posting online matches the kind of person desired by where you are applying and to what kind of program you are applying.