Summer is close. Now what?

This is the time of year that a lot of big decisions are being made on behalf of students. High school administrators are beginning to look at our master schedule for our teachers and students. We are looking at our incoming 9th graders wondering what type of new students we will have to grow into young adults, as well as simultaneous seeing off our wonderful seniors who have been with us for four years. We become family as we go from the “Freshmen Drama” to “College Decision Day.” It’s a bittersweet time of transition for many students and parents as they navigate the “What is Next" phase?

The end of the year is always a good time to take stock of how the academic year went and to start planning what next year entails. I have met with many families in the last few weeks who are deciding what's next for them. As parents, this is a time to be actively involved and to encourage some positive changes.

For example, if you have a rising ninth grader:

  • Do you know all of the academic programs and classes your high school offers?
  • What are some of the after school activities offered and when do they start?
  • What type of student is my child, and how can I best help them navigate high school?

As a rising tenth grader:

  • How did your freshman year go?
  • Do you have to retake any courses? In what areas were you strong or weak?
  • How could you develop a schedule that meets your needs, whether it be more rigorous courses or backing off of all the activities?
  • What were some of the things (like classes or activities) that really got them excited? And how can we encapsulate that passion for next year?

Rising juniors: this is a time a lot of programs open up and you need specific grade point averages, standardized tests, and school forms and applications to complete.

  • Have you found those forms and begun working on those applications?
  • Are there any summer volunteer or internships that could get help your college application?
  • Did you develop a high school schedule that showcases your strengths? For example, if you are going into the medical field, do you have plenty of  science and math courses? As a reminder- Junior Year is the last year college admissions can see your growth and passion. It is a critical year to be sure you are lining up everything for when you start applying to colleges.

Rising seniors: this is time to begin the college process. You should be

  • taking the ACT/ SAT
  • going on college visits
  • volunteering
  • researching your “fit” college. (And remember: knowing the requirements for each college/ program you want is very important to getting into the school of your choice.)
  • Consider taking a College Bootcamp like the Ready, Set, College! summer program offered by Cape Coral Parks & Rec to ensure you are off to a good start!

As we all want to start slacking off with summer right around the corner, now is the time to do the opposite! Finish strong and reassess your goals for next year. Using this school year as a learning opportunity for next year is monumental and extremely beneficial.

Here are some great summer opportunities for all high school students to do to utilize this summer time!

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