Links to Success #2: College Visits

IMAGE CREDIT:  Alexander Sperl

IMAGE CREDIT: Alexander Sperl

This week in UnMaze Me, I have focused primarily on the college visit aspects of the college process. I looked through my trove of article goodies and found three of my favorites to share with you.

1. Impress College Tour Guides With These Questions

This first comes from U.S. News, in which they asked college tour guides what were some of their most favorite questions they received. Put these in your bag-of-tricks as you start your college visits to show them you care and have put time and effort into your questions- thus their college!

    Best questions asked….

    Why did you come to ________________?

    How much attention is given to career services?

    What about your dining halls and food choices?

2. When To Visit

The second article comes from College Board that brings you the PSAT and SAT. In this article, it walks parents through the best times to take a trip. Unfortunately, a lot of students can only go during school breaks, like Winter Break, Spring Break, Summer Break, etc. At this time there may not be a lot of students on campus and the college tour staff is a bit smaller. If possible, schedule visits throughout the school year. I know the high schools at which I have worked have given excused absences if on a college visit so there is no penalty for missing (within reason, of course!). Of course, if you can only go during those break times, it is better than not going at all!

3. Decide if Virtual Campus Tours Are Worth It – or Worthless

While on-campus visits are always the best to get the real feel of a college, some do offer virtual college visits. In this article by U.S. News & World Report it walks you through the pros and cons of doing a virtual tour.

Good luck on your visits this summer and during the upcoming school year!