Why the name UnMaze Me?

When thinking about what to name this program, I had to think long and hard what I wanted to do with this website and resources. I know several things; primarily my mission and values.

For starters my mission is:

“To provide students and their families current, quality resources and strategies for high school success and beyond.”

I also define my values that involve:

  • Digital

  • Current

  • Evidence-Based

  • All learners

  • Whole Child

A lot of organizations or websites focus on one, maybe two, of the topics I wanted to cover. While there are a plethora of websites on the college process, and some websites on the social/emotional process, and some on academic, there was nothing out there that combined it all in a nice, easy simple format.



Often, I am confused about the educational process as it has changed significantly over the last decade or two since we were in school. Not only has the educational opportunities changed, so has the world around students as they are constantly surrounded by negative digital media. We are almost bombarded with too much information that when we are in need, we become frustrated by the lack of focus or simplicity that we seek. When your student needs help, you want to be able to provide it immediately and for it to be effective. All this background was in my mind when I went to name this project.

When I found the definition of unmaze, I knew it was exactly what I was trying to do!

The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia defines unmaze as:

“To relieve from terror or bewilderment.”

The Oxford Dictionary went a step further and defines unmaze as:

“To render (a thing) less confusing, bewildering, or labyrinthine; to make less like a maze.”

Yes, and Yes!! That is exactly what we as parents and students need to get through the labyrinth or maze of high school life!

My goal for www.UnMaze.Me is exactly that- to be your guide throughout this process.

Thank you for being on this journey with me!