The Value of a College Planning Professional

For many families hiring financial professionals is a routine part of their lives.  People hire CPAs or accountants to do their taxes, attorneys to draft wills and legal documents, insurance agents to protect their property and lives, and investment counselors to help manage their money. However, it is only very recently that families have considered hiring a financial
professional to help with their kids’ college.

With the dramatic increase in the cost of college over the past couple of decades, paired with the extreme highs and lows of the market and the economy, many families simply can’t afford to attempt this important and expensive process on their own.

Hence a new discipline in the world of financial professionals has come to light, the financial college planner. These individuals work with families to provide a structured approach designed to save time, money and frustration. They provide a logical approach to the process with identifiable deliverables.

There are many areas where a college planner can provide value.  A thorough review of the family’s finances will identify financial aid opportunities, tax savings strategies, cash flow improvements and most importantly, identifythe amount of income and assets that a family can afford to pledge to help pay for college.

Interviewing the student is another key part of the process. Involving the student in all aspects of college planning, specifically the financial components, is a key to success. It is important that the student understands that college selection, from a financial perspective, is also a critical part of a successful plan. This message is often times taken much better when not coming from Mom and/or Dad.


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