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College UnMazed was designed for 1) individual parents and students to master the college admission process by themselves, or 2) use as an instructor-led curriculum. Multiple schools, non-profit programs, and tutoring centers are utilizing the guidebook with their students to better articulate the process of attending post-secondary institutions and provide support. With the additional resources and supplemental materials, College UnMazed can quickly become an invaluable tool to change the lives’ of the students that you serve everyday.


College UnMazed

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Dr. Amanda Sterk

College UnMazed


College UnMazed- 2nd Edition (Printed Copy)

College UnMazed: Your Guide to the Florida College & University System (2nd Edition) is written for parents and students just like you! This step-by-step guide reduces stress and confusion on any Florida high school students considering college. This guide allows you to apply with ease and confidence too many of our in-state and out-of-state schools, as well for scholarships and financial aid.

With this purchase you will receive the published guidebook College UnMazed: Your Guide to the Florida College & University System. The guidebook is published in a workable guidebook with activities, infographics, and detailed information

This guidebook was created after author and educator, Dr. Amanda Sterk, wanted to better support her own college-bound high school students. She began to break down all the questions parents and students had on the entire high school to college process, and created a step-by-step guide that gave families the power to make quality decisions with the accurate, current information.

College UnMazed is in its 2nd edition and was published in July 2019. All information is current and immediately applicable for any secondary student.

Recommended for ages 13-18.

Teaching Curriculum and Printable Materials

To support you developing and presenting quality lessons and activities, this teaching curriculum guides you through teaching the College UnMazed guidebook (you will need the workbook to use the guide). This is a download format, which will provide printable lesson plans, four presentations, printable flyers and posters, and other needed resources.

Consider using this Teaching Curriculum & Printable Materials for any of these purposes:

  • Small groups in diverse settings, such as a classroom or workshop setting as a presentation.

  • In the classroom to infuse college and career readiness activities into daily lesson plans and activities.

  • As a central text or supporting resources for a college and career readiness course for summer school, after-school, educational programs, or tutoring based programs.

This guide is provided for FREE with orders of 25 or more hardcover College UnMazed: Your Guide to the Florida College and University System. Please write to for more information.