college unmazed:

Your guide to the florida college & university system

College UnMazed started as one school counselor’s passion to help the families she served to go through the high school to college process with as much ease and confidence as possible. The 2nd Edition of College UnMazed: Your Guide to the Florida College & University System was written in collaboration with multiple local and state organizations, school counselors, teachers, educational support businesses, higher education institutions, and most importantly- parents and students. College UnMazed takes the guesswork out of the college application and scholarship process in a way that reduces time and maximizes results.

Choose how you want to be guided through this process:

  1. PRINTED: The printed hardbound College UnMazed is a full-color published (Peppertree Publishing) workbook where students and parents can interact with the information, complete the activities, and are guided to multiple links and resources not found anywhere else in one convenient place. The benefits of the printed version is it truly provides quality discussions and allows for families to stay on track throughout the entire college process. The printed copy is a high quality and engaging.

  2. DIGITAL: The digital version of College UnMazed is a less expensive way to receive the expert information of the printed version. Families who purchase the digital view will receive a special link to a password protected site. Students will also have access to printing all workpages.

  3. SUPPLEMENTAL VIDEOS: The online guided support course provides detailed videos from Dr. Amanda Sterk, Author of College UnMazed, that walks students through the entire College UnMazed Guidebook- whether they have a printed or digital view. Students can choose which pages to receive additional information on, but it is strongly suggested to watch all videos in sequence as they will not want to miss some foundational information. Videos range from 15-35 minutes, and cover approximately 4 hours of content.

College UnMazed- 2nd Edition (Printed Copy)
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As the only step-by-step guidebook written for Florida high school students on the high school to college process, this guidebook is often used as a curriculum for many school programs, non-profit organizations, and businesses, including college consultants and test tutoring. If you would like to know more about College UnMazed as a curriculum, including group rates, presentations, worksheets, and detailed lesson plans, click the button below or contact for special pricing.