College Unmazed: Your Guide Through the Florida College & University System

College UnMazed: Your Guide Through the Florida College & University System was created to help families go through the high school to college process. After moving to Florida and trying to navigate the system as a college counselor, Dr. Sterk understood the frustration and stress that many families feel trying to do the same. Wanting to reach and help as many families as possible, she wrote this guidebook to minimize the time spent on the college process while maximizing the results!

Topics include: 

Chapter 1: Academic Planning

Chapter 2: Developing a College List

 Chapter 3: Applying to Colleges & Universities

Chapter 4: Scholarships & Financial Aid

Chapter 5: Staying on Track

This guidebook is written for Florida families with local and state links, resources, and breakdowns of state and private colleges and universities. This plan netted her 92 seniors $10 million in scholarships.

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