Bright Futures & Out-of-State

Dear UnMazed,

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Are there any colleges and/or universities outside the state of Florida that accept full or partial Florida Bright Futures?


Dear Kim,

This is a common question for parents and students who are considering out-of-state universities. Bright Futures is a Florida state run program and only applicable within Florida. If your student decides to go out-of-state the scholarship will not follow them.

But don't dismay- some colleges will match scholarship opportunities, especially private institutions. As well, with the scores the student needs to achieve to obtain Bright Futures, there is a good chance your student may qualify for merit scholarships that can substantially reduce the cost.

A tip- be sure to speak with all colleges you are considering and let them know your student has the scholarship in Florida and if there is any way they can provide more scholarship monies. I would suggest not informing the school if you are attending until you have thoroughly analyzed your award letters and spoken with admissions and financial aid.

For more information on this topic, including reading an award letter- I would suggest the College UnMazed workbook as it walks you step-by-step of the entire process of applying, working with admissions, scholarships, and financial aid.


Dr. Sterk