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Florida families often struggle to find quality, expert information to ensure they make good decisions through a student’s high school to college process. Drawing from over 45 educators throughout Florida, UnMazed provides extensive resources specifically for Florida students. Whether it be through a step-by-step guidebook for high school students, online courses and webinars, or the only educator-led online magazine, UnMazed will be instrumental for your academic path.

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A parent and student’s step-by-step guide on the high school to college process.


Online courses and webinars provide live and recorded from a variety experts who specialize in teen success.


Written by 45+ educators, UnMazed Magazine provides monthly resources and articles to assist families along the way.

What our families say

UnMazed is a valuable resource for parents and students seeking post-secondary education. The Unmaze.me website are both helpful in navigating the system to higher education attainment.


Dr. Sterk is amazing. She truly is filling a need with this site. There is so much information out there and Amanda helps simplify it. She is truly knowledgeable and passionate about what she does. My daughter just finished one of her online workshops and I couldn't be happier. She has truly opened our eyes! Highly Highly Highly recommend!!!


I am where I am today because of Dr. Amanda Sterk and her amazing advice! Shehelped me so much, that words cant explain how grateful my family and I are! anyone with kids in high school that are starting to look at colleges, please do yourselves a favor and look into purchasing a copy. #collegeunmazed


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What is Unmazed?

Dr. Sterk presenting one of her many community-based workshops.

Dr. Sterk presenting one of her many community-based workshops.


Our mission is: 

To provide individuals or families with current, quality resources and strategies for high school to college success.

UnMazed began as a part of the doctoral work of the founder, Amanda Sterk. While working as a full time college and career counselor, Amanda looked for a "one stop shop" to which she could point students and parents who had questions about the high school to college process; such as academic skills, social and emotional support, college and career exploration, and overall student success. When she could not find anything specific to Florida students, she knew she had to help. Dr. Sterk's mission is twofold; 1) to help parents and students navigate the transition from high school to college with ease and 2) collaborate with educational experts to provide current, quality, relevant information to those who need it. UnMazed exists to create a comprehensive, user-friendly destination for anyone looking for guidance through the high school to college process.


UnMazed partners with both professionals and participants in the fields of education and career pathways, bringing a wealth of expertise and a freshness of experience to its community pages so that a great many voices and perspectives can provide us all a richer understanding of the challenges facing high school students, parents, and professionals today.

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